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Knight Watch Games will provide what many gaming stores fail to offer. We give you a clean, well-lit, roomy gaming experience, staffed by friendly knowledgeable owners. We offer a robust tournament schedule with ample prize support and professional administration.

 Two exclusive private game rooms for rent
 Full audio and visual support for the Game Master
 A 48″ flat screen TV with USB ports
 Surround Sound 5.1 speakers
 Full compliment of soundtracks, sound effects, and mood music
 Reactive mood lighting that changes colors according to the GM’s whims, or as the music dictates
 Optional video recording of your game session, complete with audio.
 Access to the terrain and miniature collection of Knight Watch Games. No more empty table tops!
 Comfortable seating for up to 10 players at a wooden table in a private setting and behind a secret door!
 Your choice of High Renaissance or Dark Ages decor.
 Multiple props for your use, including scrolls, maps, weapons, armor, goblets, chests, pouches, skulls, crystal balls, candles, books, and more!
 Schedule your time slot and reserve a room.
 Flat rate per session… no hourly fees that rush your game
 Outside food and drinks allowed

 A refrigerator to hold your supply of refreshments
 12′ high ceilings, chandeliers, vaulted beams, and dedicated air flow
On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, and for each room, we will offer a window of time from Noon to 5pm and another from 6pm to 11pm. You can choose either time slot and come and go as you please during your reserved slot. We offer discounted rates for renting a room for the whole day. Due to earlier closing times M-Th, the evening slot will be from 5pm -10pm.

Fully-stocked Medieval armory for all your costume needs Suits of armor, including Leather, Chain and Plate mail. Get your Armor Class where you need it to be!
 Accessories such as gloves, shoes, hats, cloaks, and jewelry
 Skirts and blouses for fair maidens and wenches alike
 Replica weapons for display as well as a full line of LARP-legal armament

An on-site production facility dedicated to miniatures for all manner of games, ensuring that Knight Watch Games has the highest quality terrain immediately available to our customers. ​Workshops that teach you how to cast, build, and paint your terrain at a professional level. Make your dreams a reality! Bring us your ideas and we will build it Professional figure painting. D&D, Warhammer, and Imperial Assault figures painted to your specifications


Over seventy feet of table space. Can comfortably sit more than fifty players

Tournaments run by the best tournament organizers in the community: Red Star Gaming, San Antonio Saber Squadron, Alamo City Havoc Squad, WoTC certified Magic: TG judges, and Fantasy Flight endorsed staff. We do the work so that you can play. Banquet tables that reflect the Medieval fuedal system. The better you play, the closer to the Noble’s table you get to sit. Starting with the squires, knaves and pages…progressing to the goodsirs, knights and lords, culminating at the Noble’s Table where Dukes, Barons and Marquises have the most opulent seating. The Noble’s Table is where the final eight compete for the top prizes. This
table will have dedicated recording and live streaming cameras. Each player will enjoy the comfort of an authentic antique chair from a real Danish castle! Table overlays that seamlessly convert the banquet tables into taller and wider wargaming furniture. Players have access to a 4×4 space (Star Wars X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault) or combine the overlays to generate an 8’x4′ tabletop space for Star Wars: X-Wing epic play, Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar, Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity, Wild West Exodus and more!

FREE Wi-Fi (Time Warner customers)

A semi-private gaming room, dedicated to Sci-Fi wargaming. Complete Death Star ambiance with LED wall lighting, plasta-steel floor, and multi-armed illumination droids, Dedicated air flow, Inspiring sci-fi mood music, 2 8×4 tables that can be separated into four 4’x4′ platforms. Immense inventory of Sci-Fi gaming terrain for rent. Warhammer, Space Hulk, Imperial Assault sets to elevate gaming into the 3D realm.

Steampunk themed latrine for males with pipes, gauges, valves levers, gears and two urinals. Ladies restroom in a complete Dr. Who motif including a Tardis bathroom stall.

SUPER clean! ADA compliant!

Retail space that displays a complete stock of best selling games, novelties, and Medieval decor. Fun discount programs that encourage participation in all manner of games/tournaments/events. An array of demonstration games that allow you to try before you buy. Knowledgeable staff that can assist you in choosing the right game for your needs. Game reviews that let you know the ins-and- outs of the latest releases. Vending machines provide beverages and snacks for your convenience.