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Paraic Mulgrew

Paraic is an ARMY veteran who has served through two wars and several deployments to multiple exotic countries. Now its time to enjoy the results of those efforts. Paraic has been playing games for the last 40 years, starting when his older brother introduced him to Dungeons and Dragons (1ed). He still enjoys hosting extravagant D&D campaigns, using the latest edition of rules. His games are full of drama, character tension, ambiguous moral dilemmas, and glorious action.

Paraic is also a competitive Magic:TG player. He's played the game in three different continents and several states across the country. He loves teaching new players and has been known to give whole decks away just to get people into the game.

He has a love for competitive games that reward shrewdness, creativity and intellect. Owning a gaming store was never Paraic's ambition, and yet, there is nothing now he would rather be doing. Alongside his beautiful wife, Brenda, he is excited to share this adventure with the global gaming community.

Brenda Mulgrew

Brenda is a San Antonio native and former restauranteur. After marrying Paraic and leaving a successful 10 year management/executive career with Bill Miller BBQ, Brenda reinvented herself, transforming her career-oriented focus to one of introspection and discovery. She began a path of higher education and enlightenment, gaining exposure to philosophy and world religions. She also acquired personal training and group fitness certifications in order to maintain physical health and satisfy her natural desire to lead and help others.

Married to a gamer, she also gained exposure to the immersive world of fantasy. Renaissance fairs, GenCon, elaborate costumes, fantasy literature, geek-speak, and tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, and Dungeons & Dragons became status quo and suddenly life was a whole lot more fun than it used to be.

A quick learner and natural competitor, Brenda went on to become a skilled Magic player, even winning several tournaments at local hobby shops. In addition to gaming, she acquired skills in building miniature replicas used in terrain-based tabletop top games and, with Paraic’s help and encouragement, opened and successfully operated Knight Watch Productions, and an ETSY online store.

With valuable experience in multiple customer service based businesses and her genuine love of all things geek, she hopes to become an integral part of the San Antonio gaming scene and co-owner of the best friendly local gaming store in Texas.

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